Welcome to Granum

Granum farm boarding house and café is a historic Norwegian farm with roots back to the Viking area. The boarding house first opened in 1930 and recently reopened its doors where guests are welcome to come stay and enjoy beautiful nature, historical surroundings and a homey, warm and intimate atmosphere.

Granum is located in Fluberg, Søndre Land, 25 minutes from Gjøvik and an hour away from the cities Lillehammer and Hamar and one and a half our from Gardermoen airport. Granum farm is renowned for its spectacular views over the Randsfjord. You find stunning nature right outside the doorstep with hiking facilities, woods, flowers, the fjord and skiing opportunities .

It is a historic atmosphere at Granum and the farm has been in Lars Haralds family since 1804. Granum farm has a unique and fascinating history the hosts happily share with visitors. The rooms at the boarding house is kept in a historic way.

We wish to make sure the guests get a proper and genuine experience with a feeling of being home. We want our farm to be a place where guests relax and find peace.

The boarding house is decorated in the original style and with historic pictures and local art. It is upgraded with modern facilities as disabled access. You can enjoy the view or relax in the garden looking at the flowers and the charming old houses. Granum farm offers a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city where guests can find peace and experience nature, history and traditions hand in hand.

We serve homemade food based on traditional recipes and use local food and herbs, berries and spices from our garden.

If you want some food when you arrive at our boardinghouse then you have to contact the host before you arrive. We usually dont serve dinner, but in special cases we can Its also possible to go to a lokal cafe. Breakfast its included i our price.

There is four bathroom, one in the first floor and three in the second floor, so sometime the guest have to share bathroom.

Dinner specials for overnight guests

Alt. 1: Meat cakes (traditional norwegian recipe)

with brown sauce and potato. Accessories

cranberries, raw food salad, cooked

carrots and broccoli, homemade

flatbread. Nkr. 285,- per person.

Alt.2: Chicken soup with home-baked rolls with garlic butter. Organic chicken from local farm.  Nkr. 225,- per person.

Alt. 4: Vegetarian: Homemade pie with kale from our garden, onions, local vegetables, egg,

cream and cheese. Green salad. Nkr 190,- per person

For dessert you can choose: Apple cake with ice cream, ice cream with raspberries from local farm, ice cream cake with chocolate and coffee, thick milk ( lokal milk from Røros) panacotta

with cloudberries (see pictuer) or cheesecake with local raspberries. Nkr.: 70,- per person.

Coffe (fair trade), tea and cocoa for free. If you want something else to drink you can buy soft drinks, non-alcoholic beer and

We are not allowed to serve alcohol yet.

If there is something you dont eat or some of you have some allergy let us know.

There is also a lokal restaurants near to our farm, 15 minutes to drive, if you want dinner from a another meny.

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